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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BAD RONALD RANTS! The Munsters Remake!?!

Yeah sure, I'm an angry bastard sometimes.  Especially when my childhood joys are fondled like money making trinkets by some money hungry Industry dink. Is there no one left in Hollywood or TV land who can formulate an original idea anymore?
... again!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

"...As first reported by TV Guide, the network is developing a remake of The Munsters with Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

New NBC Entertainment topper Robert Greenblatt is said to like the idea of a remake and has asked Fuller to take another attempt at the project.

Fuller and NBC first made an attempt to revive the 1960s CBS sitcom last year, with the Peacock ultimately passing. Fuller’s new look is said to be an edgier and slightly darker hour long take exploring origins of Herman and Lily Munster (Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo) and how they arrived at the famed 1313 Mockingbird Lane address..."

Edgier?  Darker? Origins?  What the function junction?  Hey Greenblatt -- why not make up your own story about a bunch of dead people who come back to life and live in suburbia, and clunk it up with your silly mythology and dark edgy origins?  Why can't we have our Munsters just the way we like them?  Silly, mild, and fun?  
Listen you little Hollywood twit... why don't you fuck off!
This remake business is really getting to be a bummer. 

NBC has also announced a reboot of another 60s classic sitcom Bewitched.  Oy!


  1. Seriously, can the industry PLEASE piss all over my childhoood memories more?? I've been pretty forgiving with a lot of the latest remake nonsense, but you CAN'T fuck with The Munsters!! Sacrilege!!

  2. I blame those friggin' Brady Kids!

  3. It won't be the first time they remade it.
    They just don't get it.