Someone's in the house. He's watching. He's creeping round, only you can't see him. He's watching you from the walls. He's right behind you now. Looking over your shoulder. He wants the remote control. He's a bad boy. He wants to watch bad movies. Bad bad Ronald...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BadRonalds likes Women in Horror Month

Did you know?  February is Women in Horror Month?

So, let's celebrate.  Celebrate by watching horror movies that are written, produced, directed by, edited by, and shot by WOMEN and GIRLS. And also horror films ABOUT them  -- and by about, I mean not just about their boobies and bums, but about the social issues that women face.  There are more than you think there are.  Loads more.  Let me give you some examples to start you off:  Lucky McKee's The Woman is now out on DVD and Blu ray, starring Pollyanna McIntoshDead Hooker in A Trunk. written, directed and starring the fantabulous Soska Sisters, is being released by IFC Midnight today!!  Them, while you're at it, go to YouTube and watch The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, featuring the coolest teenager on the Interwebs, as she hunts down ghosts and gobllies.

There you go.  Start your month off right with these selections.  Come back and I'll help you out tomorrow, with more tips.  And yes, I'm open to your suggestions, too.


The other important element of this month long celebration is the MASSIVE BLOOD DRIVE. Spill your blood... Save a life...

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