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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BadRonald: Date Night w/the Soskas (and breaking Dead Hooker news!!)

Thank goodness for Al Gore!  Seriously, what would we do without his Interwebs!!  How else, in this crazy skittyskat world, would I have been able to sit on my own couch, in my own home, and watch a killer hot movie like Dead Hooker in a Trunk with the very people who made the film, the killer hot Soska Sisters.  OMGD!  Why is Gore not President?  Or king of the world!!

Stand by for some Dead Hooker news!!

You may want to sit down for this
To kick off Women in Horror Month, Jen and Sylvia Soska, of Twisted Twins Production, invited their fans to join them for a viewing party of their film (just released on DVD by IFC Midnight), to be held on Twitter.  Participants started their DVDs at 8pm PST, and twattled their thoughts, while being treated to a unique, personalized directors commentary track.  Twitter had apparently blown up, at some point, and couldn't handle the pile up of #deadhooker hashtags, so everyone was invited over to Jen's FaceBook page to continue the party.

Throughout the cyber-party, Jen & Sylv laid down a continuous trail of twits -- and then FB posts -- commenting on what inspired particular scenes, lines of dialogue, casting choices, music tracks -- all as the movie played on the audiences own DVD player.  They even answered questions from the audience.  What a killer party.
Thriller!  A Cruel Cool Picture

But, the best was saved for after the movie was over...  Everyone hung around, as the Sisters fielded some Q&A, and gave some updates on their upcoming American Mary (now in post-production).  And then, the announcement came, that no one was really anticipating, but flipped out for... news of a sequel to Dead Hooker in a Trunk!!  What a killer idea.

I hadn't even considered the idea for a sequel, but hell -- the more I think about it, the more I like it!  The original was such a satisfying movie, and, with a second viewing at the party, I saw so many things I didn't see on the first looksee -- most notably, the genuine heart of the script.  I had been so wow'd! by the spectacular blood and well played action... and, of course, stunned by the twins themselves, that some things just slipped by me.  Not that it mattered much, because I loved the movie on first view, anyway.  Maybe it was the commentary that hinted to my brain to pay more attention.  It worked.  And I now enjoy DHIAT more than I did before.  And now I'm looking forward to more action from Geek, Badass, Goody, and Junkie.

So... thank you Jen & Sylvia.  Fekkin' brilliant night!!

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