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Saturday, July 30, 2011

PEEPHOLE REVIEW: Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

Okay, so lessons learned from watching Medium Raw:

1.)  Don't take little 8 year old girls to an insane asylum.
Yes.  Seriously, someone really should have been told this simple rule.  Especially since the looney bin houses a known child-killer.  There's also the cannibal lady, the dirty old man who runs around naked, and let's not forget the 300lb freak who goes nuts when he sees red...  of course, you can see in the poster. the little girl is dressed in li'l red riding hood colors.

2.) Don't wear an armor wolf's outfit while going door to door looking for victims.
It makes it look like you've been watching too many medieval epics.  I men, how did this guy not ever get caught, stalking around suburban neighborhoods wearing a 10 tom body of armor, equipped with a steel trap mouthpiece and knuckle blades that would make Wolverine's look like picnic ware?  The thing must've made the houses shake when he walked!

3.) Don't title your film Medium Raw
It's a terrible title. Besides... it's already been taken...


  1. Good premise, bad everything else. Bad writing, bad directing, average to below average acting.

    When you look at the credits, the director is one of the main actors, mr Andrew Cymek should stick with directing, his acting is bad, very bad and hard to watch. To say otherwise would be fooling yourself, the guy simply portays a character at a high school acting level and in no way should have had the part, but since he probably gave the part to himself, he's to blame. Bad directing decision, no question about it! This guy is simply an amateur & he's proven it. Real directors check the ego at the door & don't do this. What's worse is no one likely called him on this & this is a what's wrong with some film makers approach.

    The actress who played Mabel Hatcher had above average acting ability and did quite well portraying the character. This woman should be in hollywood! That's the one bright spot in this film.

    I'd give it a 3/10

  2. Just saw this movie recently. Can't really say much, it was ok, not much more than that. The acting of the Johnny Morgan/Andrew Cymek is hard to watch. It's funny that he's also the director yet delivers a poor performance in the role. It's certainly passable, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they are out of options on a Friday or Saturday night. The bad acting just sunk this film completely!